How to Keep Bamboo Floor Looks Brand New?

Bamboo is an incredible natural floor covering which is eco-friendly, inexpensive, and easy to maintain. It comes in a variety of styles and colors to complement your home. Many homeowners have opted bamboos because  they are durable and sustainable. Yet, it remains a great challenge for them to keep it beautiful and lasting.



Sand, dust, and other tiny particles are significant threats to the surface beauty of a bamboo floor. These small grains are like the grits of sandpaper that can damage the wood surface as people walk across on the floor.

To prevent damages and scratching, sweep or vacuum the wood surface regularly. Do not allow these tiny grains to build up on the surface. Otherwise, they will eventually cause marks and scratches on the surface over time.


Place rugs and mats near the entrance to cut down the amount of particulate debris to come into your space and never forget to dust out these rugs from time to time. You can also use cleaning products that are specifically designed for cleaning bamboo floors.

Bamboo and cork floorings are more resistant to damage from moisture than other hardwoods, but this doesn’t mean that bamboo floors are completely susceptible to water damages.  Too much exposure to moisture is still a danger that needs to be addressed. Never wet mop the wood surface or immerse them in water. You can use a damp mop in removing stains on the surface but never allow the bamboo to remain wet more than few minutes. If there are liquid spills on the surface, wipe them out immediately. Bamboos are porous which can cause the liquid to penetrate the surface easily.



Aside from cleaning the wood surface in a regular manner, it is also important to seal them semi-annually. Applying sealers on the floor twice a year will prolong the life expectancy of your bamboo surface. Sealers are best to use in bathroom and kitchen areas.

Excessive scrubbing and extremely potent chemicals utilized in the bathroom can encourage premature deterioration of the floor. The harsh conditions in the kitchen including the stains caused by oil and food can also damage your bamboo floors. Hence, if you want to keep the beauty of your wood surface, never forget to seal them. Sealers are available at most home improvement retailers or flooring providers near you.



Refinishing is the process of repairing or reapplying wood finishing on your floor. Refinishing your bamboo flooring is the best solution to damage next to replacing them. However, if you have cleaned and sealed your floor regularly, you are less likely to perform this process.

Final Thoughts

If you can maintain your bamboo flooring as described, you can be confident that the life of your wood surface would last longer. Keeping the beauty of your bamboo flooring is as easy as other hardwood surfaces. Simple cleaning and proper maintenance are all you needed to bring the luster and shine back your floor. You can also contact the local home improvement store professional near in Perth for additional tips on maintaining and cleaning your bamboo floor.



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